X10 WS467 Remote Control Light Dimmer Switch Review

by Michal on May 1, 2010


The X10 WS467 Remote Control Light Dimmer Switch allows you the ease of controlling your lights right from the switch or from a remote control. This is a dimmer switch that is also paired with a remote control to make turning your lights on/off or dimming your lights as convenient as possible. The instillation required involves connecting two wires to your existing light switch unit. Its not that difficult and the product provides instructions on how to properly install the dimmer.

The X10 WS467 can only be used with incandescent light bulbs. This is because all X10 compatible 2-wire dimmer switches and modules rely on the conduction path through the incandescent bulb filament and will not work properly with other loads. Using a dimmer switch can help reduce your energy consumption and ultimately save you money. Using this type of eco-friendly lighting solutions is also a way for you to help the environment.

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