World’s Fastest Eco-Friendly Airplane

by Michal on June 19, 2009

Electric Airplane

One June 12, 2009 this aircraft set a world record for reaching the fastest speed every for an electric airplane. This one of a kind eco-plane reached a top speed of 250 km/h. This is quite amazing because greening airplanes is not an easy job. According to researchers, aviation is the fastest growing source of CO2 as the industry continues to increase the speed of its aircrafts.

Skyspark is taking a step forward and opening new doors for the aviation world to become more green. The airplane is powered by a 100% electrical motor. This motor has surpassed internal combustion engines for both efficiency and dimensions. It has proved to be very reliable and expected to have a long life span due to its technology. The dynamics of this motor allows for performance that surpasses a typical engine. SkySpark has set the pace for new challenges in the air transportation field.

The airplane is a specially built Pioneer Alpi 300, which is now powered by a 75KW brushless electric motor fueled by an array of lithium-polymer batteries. The team behind the development is looking forward for better range and more speed using engine technology that runs on hydrogen fuel cells.

Source: EcoFriend

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