Whole Home Audio System that is Energy Star Compliant

by Rob on October 29, 2009

The NuVo Dual Sirius-Ready/AM/FM Tuner is an advanced tuner that provides clear Sirius satellite and standard radio reception. The NuVo is Energy Star qualified which means it meets the government standards for being energy efficient. Saving energy means saving money in the long run.energy star logo

The tuner displays the artist and song information on the front panel and includes a remote control as well as antennas and network cables. The internal NuVoNet capability of the unit allows it to easily communicate in real time with the NuVo Grand Concerto and NuVO Essentia whole-home audio distribution systems. When connected to a NuVo audio distribution system, two zones can listen to two different radio sources at once. Whether your preference is traditional AM/FM listening or SIRIUS Satellite Radio, this unit offers an affordable, specially designed component for whole-home audio distribution.

The NV-T2SIR is built for use with its whole-home audio systems. The NuVo can simultaneously receive both AM/FM and SIRIUS Satellite Radio signals. The NuVo Dual SIRIUS-Ready/AM/FM Tuner offers a wide variety of controls. The system allows for preset up to 5 banks of 20 presets using any of your favorite Sirius stations, and then group them according to specific genres. You can scan each of your preset stations, seek up and down the SIRIUS satellite band to find clear stations, or tune up and down the band to search for specific stations. A Channel menu is a SIRIUS function that offers quick access to the categories associated with SIRIUS. When selected, each category will expand to display the associated channels. You can also put a parental lock on SIRIUS channels with a 4-digit security code.

Here’s whats included:

  • Dual SIRIUS-Ready/AM/FM Tuner
  • AM/FM/WX Active Antenna
  • AM/FM Satellite Signal Diplexer (Quantity 2)
  • Remote Control
  • RCA Stereo Audio Cable (Quantity 2)
  • 2 meter RG6 Antenna Cable
  • Single Space Rack Ear Mount (Pair)
  • 3 meter CAT5 Network Cable
  • North American 2-wire Power Cable

This SIRIUS tuners requires a subscription and must be activated through SIRIUS. This can be done online at www.SIRIUS.com. SIRIUS Satellite Radio offers over 140 channels of music, news, sports, talk and entertainment, with all 67 music channels 100-percent commercial free. A SIRIUS subscription gives you access to Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, live games and races from the NFL, NASCAR and exclusive 100% commercial-free music channels like the Grateful Dead Channel and SIRIUSLY Sinatra in digital quality audio.

The NuVo Dual SIRIUS-Ready/AM/FM Tuner is compatible with any audio system that is capable of repeating IR, as it is designed for IR control via infrared signals received by an audio distribution system. In the NuVo Simplese D or NuVo Essentia audio distribution system, sold separately, the IR emitter outputs act as a repeater to IR signals incident on the system keypads; no external IR emitters are required.

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