Watt’s Up – Internet Enabled Electricity Meter

by Michal on July 8, 2009

Watts Up Internet Power Meter

The Watts Up Internet Enabled Power Meter that allows you to see what it cost to run your electric appliances. The Watts Up device will measure the amount of energy your appliance uses and then calculate it into dollars and cents for you. The device takes things a step further by allowing you to access your power usage details on the internet. This product is ideal for monitoring your appliances to help you save money by reducing power consumption.

Any of your electronic plug in products can be used with the Watts Up Power Meter. You just plug the item into the power meter will start measuring electricity instantly. The power meter can track up to 18 different electrical valves in real time with peak readings that capture surges and a duty cycle that identifies how often loads are running. With the built in web server you can access your power usage via the web. You can also have your usage organized neatly in graphs and charts by using the Watts Up Meter website.
You can create a free account and have access to your data. The meter is capable of sending data up to every second, but there are membership fees associated with sending data so often (free for sending data every 15 min, $50 per month for sending data every second). The meter also has an internal relay that allows you to switch devices on and off according to the following criteria:

  • based on the time of day – useful for tiered billing for energy usage
  • peak usage – i.e. switch off devices to ensure the total energy usage is above a peak value. This helps when you get charged extra for going over a peak energy usage amount.
  • cumulative usage – i.e. switching off devices once a certain amount of energy has been used in a given month.
  • manual on/off – such as switching on security lights or rebooting a computer.

  • The Watt’s Up Internet Enabled Power Meter is pricey with it being right around $200. There can also be additional costs for using the Watts Up Meter website.

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