Toro 1800 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower

by Rob on January 10, 2010


When you think of a snow blower, you probably don’t think of saving energy. The fact is a shovel is the most energy efficient way to clear your driveway and sidewalk. But if you need a snow blower, an electric model at least avoids belching CO2 into the air. And having used a gas powered blower for some time, I can tell you that electric models are much easier to start. And that brings us to the Toro 1800.

With some electric snow blowers, the problem is you don’t get much power. When you are trying to clear out a lot of snow, power is critical. With the Toro 1800 snow thrower, you get a 12 amp motor with plenty of power for most snow removal jobs. In fact, this snow blower is so effective, it is the bestselling and highly rated blower on Amazon. It can throw snow to 30 feet cut 10-inches deep and 18-inches wide per pass. And because it’s electric, it has simple trigger start with no parts to lubricate. This will undoubtedly be my next snow blower.

Here are more details:

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The Toro 1800 Snow Thrower is also available from eBay:

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