The World’s First Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset [Iqua 603 Sun]

by Rob on March 25, 2008


This solar-powered Bluetooth headset by Iqua claims to be the first of its kind. The wireless headset includes a photovoltaic cell that uses any available light – outdoors and indoors – to charge itself and extend the operation times of the headset. It comes with the basic features one would expect in a bluetooth headset–you can answer or end a call, redial and use voice dial, and switch the call between phone and your headset. The manufacture says talk time between charges is up to 12 hours.

But the real question is how long does it take the charge the headset with just solar energy (you can always plug it in to juice it up). The manufacturer does not publish data on solar-charing time, but reviews I’ve read say that fully charged, the headset stays charged with solar power. It seems it may only need an occasional plug in, unless you live and work in a cave.

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