The Risaikura MS-N53 Allows You To Recycle From Home

by Michal on April 3, 2009

Risaikura MS-N53

Panasonic has developed a recycling device, The Risaikura MS-N53, that you can use right at home and it produces compost from the recycled goods that can be used to fertilize your garden. This recycler mixes up the garbage, such as food scraps, and then breaks it down.

The recycler uses heat along with the platinum-palladium catalyst to break down the garbage and turn it into a fertilizer. The recycler has a number of different settings to choose from depending on what type of fertilizer you want to create, like one with more protein for plants and vegetables. Panasonic claims this type of organic compost is better than the store bought fertilizer and is healthier for your garden.

The Risaikura MS-N53 unit is 268x365x550mm and weights 12kg. The unit can break down up to 2kg of garbage and uses mains electricity. The item is expected to hit the market in April of 2009 at close to $900. A smaller model will also be available which can hold 1kg of garbage and will be going for close to $700.

Source: Slipperybrick

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