How to Save Money with a Monster Power Strip

by Michal on May 18, 2009

Monster® Power Blackout PowerCenter™ HDP 900

The Monster® Power Blackout PowerCenter™ HDP 900 is specifically designed to protect all of your home theatre connections. The HDP 900 provides advanced surge protection that is needed for these fragile devices and it also has a built in HD Clean Power noise filtration for better performance. Dangerous power surges and spikes can travel through cable, satellite, and telephone lines and damage or destroy your equipment. The HDP 900 offers compressive surge protection on coax, network, and phone connections for complete satellite, antenna, DVR, and cable TV line protection.

The HDP 900 protects your equipment from spikes and dips that commonly occur and can destroy the digital circuitry in your home theatre electronics. Providing a high level of protection on all three power lines (line, neutral, ground), and over 3780 Joules of surge absorption capacity. For additional safety, the surge includes advanced ceramic encased MOVs which offer protection against fires that can occur with high-powered surges.

This surge strip has the ability to eliminate degrading noises and interfering signals from items such as cell phone, TV’s, appliances, and other electronics in your home that produce this “dirty power”. All these items generate noise and can interfere with your homes electricity. This can degrade the sound and picture performance of your system and even put stress on the digital circuitry and shorten the life span of your systems.

The HDP 900 is easy to install and easy to use. It has 8 AC outlets that are illuminated and color coded with matching labels to prevent you from unplugging the wrong device. It has an 8 foot long cord, a flat plug in that won’t interfere with your other plugs, and it has the option to be mounted on the wall if needed. There is a 100% replacement guarantee warranty on this product. This cost of this item is approximately $150.

You can also find the HDP 900 on eBay:

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