The FreeLoader – A Solar Powered Charger

by Michal on March 24, 2009

FreeLoader, solar charger

There is nothing more frustrating than a dead cell phone battery during the middle of an important call. This is a situation you won’t have to find yourself in, if you have the FreeLoader. This cool little gadget is a solar-charged power-up device that works with most hand held devices.

All you have to do is plug your device that needs a charge into the FreeLoader and allow it to recharge. The Freeloader comes with various adapters so you can recharge things like your cell phone, IPod, or whatever is in need of a good charge.

Once the FreeLoader is out of juice, just let the sun charge it back up. If you are in a situation where the sun is not available, the FreeLoader also comes with an USB cord so you can charge it via the computer. The Freeloader retails for less than $100, which makes this gadget affordable and one that will help us all stay a little less frustrated.

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