Tesla Motor’s Electric Car Goes 0 to 60 in Under 4 Seconds

by Rob on March 17, 2008


Eco-gadgets don’t have to be boring, and in the case of the Tesla Roadster, they don’t have to be slow, either. Tesla claims its electric Roadster can zoom from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. And on top of that, it can go 220 miles on one charge of the batter. How do they achieve this, you ask? For starters, the motor is the size of a watermelon and weighs in at 115 pounds. At zero emissions, it’s as energy-friendly as a car can be.

Price: I guess we should talk about the car payment that comes with this beauty. Tesla is accepting orders for their 2009 model (the 2008 model is sold out). A $5,000 down payment is required to reserve a car. The total price, without options, comes it at $98,950. If you’d like to reserve yours now, check out Tesla Motors.

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