TED will take the suprise out of your electric bill

by Michal on May 19, 2009

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You no longer have to be surprised by your electric bill, thanks toTED (The Energy Detective). You can now monitor you electricity usage in real time and know what your bill is going to be long before you receive it. TED will calculate your energy consumption for you and help you save money in the process.

Real-Time Data
This simple, yet accurate tool works by quantifying the electricity usage in your home and immediately displays the results for you. The easy to read LCD screen calculates the usage within two seconds so you see right away where you may be wasting energy and money. TED will show you how much energy is being used each second, day, week, or how much has been used over the course of the month.

As an extra feature to the device, TED Footprints is a software data logging system that neatly organizes your consumption by using graphs and charts. All you do is connect TED to your computer via USB and the software will track and log your usage for you. The logged information will help you identify trends in your home and allow you to cut down and save money. Here are some of the things TED can track for you:

  • Current energy consumption in kilowatts (kW).
  • Current energy cost in dollars and cents per hour ($/hr).
  • Energy consumed so far today in kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Energy cost so far today in dollars and cents ($).
  • Energy consumed so far this billing cycle in kWh.
  • Energy cost so far this billing cycle in $.
  • Projected energy use for current billing cycle in kWh.
  • Projected energy cost for current billing cycle in $.
  • Peak use so far this billing cycle in $/hr
  • Current Energy Rate in dollars and cents per kilowatt hour $/kWh
  • Historical Data for 13 months

  • TED is completely maintenance free which means you will never have to change a battery. TED is available through Amazon for just under $180.

    TED is also available on eBay:
    [phpbay]The Energy Detective, 3, 20595, “”[/phpbay]

    Source: The Energy Detective

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