SunNight Solar Flashlights (SL-1 and SL-2)

by Rob on March 6, 2009

SunLight SL-1 Solar Flashlight

The SL-1 from SunNight Solar is a solar flashlight that provides up to 6 hours of illumination on every charge. It is powered by 3 standard AA rechargeable batteries that charge in 8 hours. The flashlight has a hard ABS plastic exterior, which means it is highly water and shock resistent. The SL-1 has a unique shape that makes it easy to grip, and comes with a carrying hook to hang it from your back (for easy charging) or hang it up to illuminate a wider area. The solar panel lasts up to 20 years, which is handy if you get lost as often as I do. The flashlight uses 6 super bright LEDs.

As nifty as the SL-1 is, if you are looking for the Cadillac of solar flashlights, the SL-2 is first in line. Developed under a grant from the Rockefeller Institute, the SL-2 is designed to replace kerosene lanterns. The batteries charge in 8 to 10 hours, and provide lighting on high for 4 to 5 hours, on medium for 8 to 10 hours, and on low for 16 to 20+ hours. The flashlight includes a glow ring that makes is easy to find at night, and the solar charger terminates when full to protect the batteries from overcharging.

Where to buy: From Amazon, the SL-1 for $29 and the SL-2 for $39.

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