Solar Powered Golf Cart–Fore!

by Rob on March 26, 2008


Your 325 yard drive came to rest in the middle of the fairway of this plush par 5. With 240 yards to the center of the green, you confidently grip your 2-iron as you stand over your Pro V1. With a hope and prayer you start your back swing, but at the top, a thought pops into your mind–how much CO is my gas-powered golf cart pumping into the atmosphere? Shaking this thought off, you strike the ball on the toe of the club, sending it into a window of one of the McMansions that line the fairway. Fore!

This sad story doesn’t have to happen to you. Thanks to Cruise Cars, Inc. solar powered golf carts are a reality, and for about the same price as an electric cart. The 2-seat model comes with a 5.5 HP motor and a 48 volt battery. Fully charged, it has a range of 55 miles and a top speed of 22 mph, so you can chase that golf ball all over the course. And if that’s not enough, you may be eligible for tax credit of up to $900 for the purchase.

Available from Electric Transportation Solutions for $6,900 (you will see a link for golf carts at the bottom of the page, which takes you to all the eco-friendly carts they sell including the Sun Ray).

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