Reader Recommendation–Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter

by Rob on March 25, 2008

katadyn-gravidyn-drip-water-filter.jpgIn response to my article about the Ovopur Water Dispenser, a reader named Brian politely suggested I write about less trendy gear (you may recall that the Ovopur is a bet, well, snooty). So Brian introduced me to the Katadyn Gravidyn Drip Water Filter (say that fast five times). With this Katadyn Gravidyn, you can fill it with untreated water, and one hour later you’ll have potable water thanks to its filter system with 3 ceramic/activated carbon elements. It holds about 2.5 gallons of water, and I’m thinking this is perfect for camping trips with my son. Here are the specs:

  • Fill with untreated water and walk away–water drips through 3 ceramic/activated carbon elements–return an hour later to 1 gallon of potable water
  • Double-stage reservoir holds over 2.5 gallons of tainted water in its upper chamber; lower collection basin features a dripless spigot
  • Small 0.2 micron pores in the ceramic elements trap pathogenic bacteria and protozoa, including giardia, crypto, cholera, salmonella and e.coli
  • High-quality food-grade plastic containers collapse to a small 10 x 18 inches ; functional size is 10 x 36 inches
  • Field-serviceable ceramic/activated carbon elements can be cleaned with an abrasive pad, included

Available from Amazon for $169

Thanks, Brian. And if you know of a great energy saving gadget, please drop me a line via the contact page or by sending an email to rob [at] energysavinggadgets [dot] net.

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