Radio from Gilligan’s Island Unearthed! [Freeplay Companion]

by Rob on April 17, 2008

Freeplay Companion Radio
If you’re old enough to remember Gilligan’s Island, did you ever wonder just how that radio kept working all those years? Now we know. They must have had the Companion by Freeplay. The Companion is a radio, a flashlight and a cellphone charger that fits into your bag, your glove box or your drawer. More importantly for our purposes, the Companion can be powered by the sun or your arm. It’s the perfect energy saving gadget. Here’s how Freeplay describes this green gadgets:

Offering a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options, the Companion delivers complete independence from wall power or disposable batteries while ensuring sustainable access to information and entertainment. Freeplay’s patented self-charge technology means excellent reliability. A 1-minute wind gives you 20 minutes of radio listening at normal volume, or 30 minutes of light, and you can wind some more at any time for as much play time / shine time as you want. An LED charge level indicator tells you the best speed to wind.

In direct sunlight, the Companion will recharge itself and play for as long as you want. Fully charged, the Companion will radio will work for 12 hours, or you can use the flashlight for 16 hours. This makes the Companion a great device to have in case of a power outage or emergency. It’s also great to carry in your car.

The Freeplay Companion is available from REI and retails for $29.95.

Here are some more great solor powered radios available from eBay:

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