Toyota Hybrids


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The Toyota Prius has sold more than all other hybrids combined—and for good reason. Since the debut of the second generation Prius in 2003 (as a 2004 model), the midsize hatchback sedan has racked up award after award. Years later, the Prius continues to be a red-hot seller.

The Toyota Prius inspires a cult-like devotion from its drivers. Satisfaction rates, consistently at 98 percent, are unparalleled. Prius owners are already looking 20 years ahead, when they can claim with great pride, "Yes. I drove one of the first Priuses."

The Prius drives like a charm, humming along silently in all-electric mode at low speeds and revving up its 110 combined gas-electric horsepower for a respectable 0-to-60 rate of 10.2 seconds.

Its stability control system makes it very safe. And the Prius has loads of bells and whistles, from keyless entry, a high-tech fuel use dash display, and a rear-view camera system to help you squeeze into a tight parking spot.

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Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry Hybrid uses a four-cylinder gasoline engine that delivers 147 hp powered by 650V electric motors with a NiMH 245V traction battery with a maximum output of 40 hp to produce a peak of 187 hp.

EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid are 40 MPG (City) and 38 MPG (Highway). EPA’s revised method of estimating fuel economy for 2008 and subsequent model years, which now considers the effects of air conditioning, rapid acceleration and cold temperatures, estimates 33 MPG (City) and 34 MPG (Highway).

Several features are unique to the Camry hybrid model. Two of these features, LED tail lights and an "ECO" operating mode for the HVAC system, reduce energy consumption. The hybrid model has a special chrome-lined grille, as opposed to the color-coded ones on every other Camry trim. Other special features include "HYBRID" emblems on front fenders and an "HSD" (Hybrid Synergy Drive) emblem on the rear decklid.

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Highlander Hybrid

A complete redesign (for 2008) brings even higher levels of performance, comfort, and safety. The conventional (Base/Sport/Limited in FWD/AWD) and Hybrid (Base/Limited in AWD-only) versions make 270 hp and offer space for seven, fold-flat seating, more cargo capacity, loads of standards, and Toyota's comprehensive STAR safety system.

Highlander Hybrid's features include:

  • Auxiliary transmission cooler
  • 3,305 cc 3.3 liters V 6 front engine with 91.9 mm bore, 83.1 mm stroke, 10.8 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder 3MZ-FE Hybrid
  • Electric fuel with additional unleaded 87
  • Multi-point injection fuel system
  • 17.2 gallon main unleaded fuel tank 14.3
  • Power: 201 kW , 270 HP SAE, 235, 175, 343 and 465
  • Secondary power: maximum power (kw): 156, maximum power (hp): 209, maximum torque (ft lb): 212 and maximum torque (nm): 287

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