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About Energy Star Clothes Washers

An ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer can save you $550 in operating costs over its lifetime compared to a regular clothes washer. ENERGY STAR qualified washers are also better for the environment because lowering energy and water use means less air pollution from power plants and less water going to waste.

  • Lower your utility bills and protect the environment
  • Choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer over a standard model can lower your utility bills, save energy, and save water. Qualified models perform more efficiently than standard models without sacrificing performance.

  • Save more than money
  • An ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer can save you time and help lengthen the life of your clothes.

  • Learn what new technology makes washers energy-efficient
  • New technological advances have allowed ENERGY STAR clothes washers to use significantly less energy and water.

  • Buy with confidence using these purchasing tips
  • Make sure you choose a clothes washer that is the right size and model, and has the appropriate features to fit your needs.

  • Get the best performance from your ENERGY STAR qualified washer
  • Take advantage of simple energy-saving tips and best practices to save more money on your utility bills and avoid maintenance.

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