Power Strips and Surge Protectors that Reduce Energy Use

by Michal on April 2, 2010

Many power strips have built in surge protectors that are designed to protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector regulates or blocks voltage that is over the safe threshold which protects your equipment. High voltage spikes can damage your equipment beyond repair which can be costly. Using a surge protector can save you money in the long run. Spikes Power strips that also provide surge protection will be labeled as such. However, not all power strips offer such protection but are sometimes still called surge protectors.

There are also green power strips out there that work to reduce the amount of energy your equipment is consuming. These power strips not only offer surge protection but they also offer a way to lower the amount of energy used by your devices. Even when your electronics are in the off position, but still plugged into an outlet, they are using energy and costing you money. There are some power strips designed to help reduced this “phantom” electricity and reduce unneeded consumption. In addition, you will also find smart power strips designed to determine just how much energy your electronics are using which will help you identify the energy eaters.

p4320Editor’s Pick:The P3 International P4320 Kill-A-Watt Power Strip is an all-in-one surge protector and watt monitor. This power strip measures slightly larger than your average power strip, but then again, it is anything but average. Now you can protect your electronics from power surges and measure their electricity consumption at the same time.

41FziYWPQHL._SL500_AA300_The Belkin BG108000-04 Conserve Energy Saving Surge Strip is an easy and convenient way for us to reduce energy consumption in our homes by eliminating standby power that most of our home electronics produce. Standby power or “phantom power” is the energy that electrical devices consume when they are in the off position. The Belkin BG108000-04 has been created to eliminate this consumption which will result in a lower energy bill thus saving you money.

monster-hdp-900gThe Monster’s HDP 900G Surge Strip has been specially developed for home theatres. It works to eliminate the constant transfer of electricity when the item or items are not in use. These surge strips have the ability to turn off equipment when not being used and they can even analyze how much power the items are using. The surge strips are IR compatible which means they can be powered on/off by any remote control. When the main device is powered on, like the T.V., all the other devices will be powered on by the surge strip as well.

trip surgeThe Tripp Lite TLP810NET Surge Protector/Suppressor is designed to protect your valuable electronic equipment such as home theaters and computers. It offers a high 3690 joule surge suppression rating and is built to protect all your electronics. The TLP810NET also has a single-line RJ45 Ethernet surge protection, 2-line RJ11 tel/modem surge protection and single-line 2.2GHz gold coaxial surge protection.

Belkin SurgeThe Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector will keep your expensive electronics safe and prevent you from potentially spending money to replace damaged equipment. Power spikes and surges can damage your equipment beyond repair and cause you to lose valuable data. The Belkin Surge Protector will ensure such damages and loses do not occur.

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