Pico Projectors–energy efficient projectors in the palm of your hand

by Rob on April 7, 2008


Imagine projecting a movie from your cell phone onto a 6-foot wide screen on the wall. Or imagine using a handheld device the size of an iPod to project a presentation onto a screen at your next business meeting. In the next few months Pico Projectors, bite size projectors that can be put into just about anything, will be a reality.

Microvision is leading the pack in the development of these tiny projectors. Last week it displayed its technology at the CTIA Wireless industry show in Las Vegas. Here’s how one reporter described a demonstration of the technology:

It’s about the size of two full-size iPods, but by the time it goes on sale later this year, it should be about 30 per cent smaller, said Russell Hannigan, the company’s director of projector product management.

In a darkened room, the prototype beamed out surprisingly bright, crisp and large video from a connected iPod Nano: With the projector held 6 feet away from the wall, the image measured 6 feet diagonally and was as sharp as a DVD.

On the brightly lit showroom floor, the image was less impressive, but projected on a piece of paper held a foot away, it still made for a nice alternative to the iPod Nano’s screen, which is slightly larger than a stamp.


And pico projectors are truly an energy efficient product. According to Microvision, it’s highly energy-efficient and allows the company to dispense with the fans and vents that standard projectors have.

The potential application of pico projectors in the home, office, and stores is almost limitless. If DVD quality is real, your next TV may just fit in your pocket.

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