Phillip’s Eco TV (Model 42PFL5603D) Sips Electricity

by Rob on February 25, 2009

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Guess what’s the third highest consumer of electricity in most homes–the TV. After heating-cooling and refrigerators, TV’s come in third. Add DVD players, TiVo and game consoles, and TVs can consume as much as 10% of a household’s total electricity. As a result, electronics manufacturers have been racing to produce eco TVs that consume less power. The Philips 42-Inch Eco HDTVdoes just that, with several energy saving features.

How the Phillip’s Eco TV conserves energy

Phillip’s Eco TV conserves energy in several ways. The primary mechanism to save power is the ability to dim the backlight (by up to five times peak brightness) in response to program material. According to Phillips, dimming the backlight in darker scenes has the dual benefit of saving power and improving black-level performance. The backlight can also be dimmed via a room lighting sensor. As a result, in darker rooms the TV will use less power. The Phillips Eco HDTV also has a “power-saving” mode that caps the peak light output.

With these energy saving features engaged, the TV’s power consumption can dip as low as 75 watts–just a tad more than an incandescent light bulb and 30 watts less than the most 42-inch LCD. The Eco TV’s standby power is less than 0.15 watt according to the company.

Phillip’s Eco TV from Amazon

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