P3 International P4480 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor with Electronic Graphic Timer

by Rob on November 10, 2009


The P3 International P4480 is one of the most advanced home power monitors for well under $100. The P4480’s graphic timer reads energy consumption by the kilowatt-hour, and then converts it to electricity expense by the day, week, month, or year. The P4480 can also turn appliances on and off with 96 programmable on/off settings per day, and it has a built-in surge protector to guard against voltage spikes. The device can monitor 2 tasks at a time.

The built-in timer can be put to different uses. For example, you can plug your entertainment center’s power strip into the P4480 and program it to turn off when you are not home to avoid any standby power from flat-panel TVs and cable boxes that suck up huge amounts of electricity even when not in use. Use the Kill A Watt as a 7-day timer with up to 96 on/off cycles per day. You can conveniently program your Christmas lights to go on/off in a wide variety of programming options set differently for each day of the week. i.e. stay on longer in the weekends or go on earlier on Wednesdays. Plug your lamp into the unit and use it as a security guard. It wards off would-be thieves by turning a connected lamp on and off at random times, giving your empty home the appearance of being occupied.

Here are more details about the P3 International P4480:

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