Monster’s HDP 900G Surge Strip Cuts Down Your Energy Use

by Michal on April 14, 2009

Monster HDP 900G surge protector

Just about everybody at one time or another has left some sort of electronic plugged in when they’re not using it; like your cell phone charger or even an HDTV. When this is done, those electronics are still using electricity even when they are in the off position. Many electronics like T.V.’s, DVD players, and receivers have a standby mode, which means that when the item is turned off it is actually still drawing power and electricity is still being used. The same goes for when you leave your cell phone charger plugged in and you’re done charging your phone, if the charger is still plugged in then it is still using electricity.

Special Surge Strips by Monster

Monster has developed special surge strips meant to be used for home theaters that will eliminate this constant transfer of electricity when the item or items are not in use. These surge strips have the ability to turn off equipment when not being used and they can even analyze how much power the items are using. The surge strips are IR compatible which means they can be powered on/off by any remote control. When the main device is powered on, like the T.V., all the other devices will be powered on by the surge strip as well. The same goes for when the main item is powered off, all other items will be powered off too. The surge strip has each outlet color coded to indicate where each specific item should go. The price for these items range from as low as $99.95 up to $349.95.

The HDP 850G costs $99.95, the HDP 900G costs $129.95, the HDP 1400 costs $249.95, and the HDP 1850 costs $349.95

It is reported by the U.S. Department of Energy that 20% of our electric bill come from these electronics that are in standby mode. We are using energy and paying higher electric bills when we aren’t even enjoying our electronic gadgets. Instead, we could use one of these surge strips created by Monster, which gives us the opportunity to do something good for our environment and trim down on our electric bills.

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