Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater Power Center Review

by Michal on March 22, 2010


The Monster Cable MP HTS800 Home Theater Power Center offers special surge protection for coax cables that are used for satellite and cable TV connections. The power center ultra-low loss RF circuitry allows for almost no signal loss which results in peak performance from your equipment. Its Clean Power filters reduce noise for digital, video, analog audio and ultra-high filters. In addition, Monster’s Multiple SurgeGuard and Tri-Mode Circuitry can detect any voltage spikes and reduce them so your equipment is not damaged.

The power center offers color coded outlets to make installation as easy as possible. Matching color labels are provided so you can label your cords to match up with the corresponding outlet. This will help you keep your home theater neat and organized. The Monster Cable MP HTS800 HP High Performance Home Theatre PowerCenter® HTS800 has 8 outlets, 1 coax, and 1 phone outlet. The Monster Cable works to protect your equipment and will help you keep it organized.

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