Mini Vacuum Cleaner with “Eco-Switch” [Morphy Richards]

by Rob on April 4, 2008

morphy-richards-mini-vacuum.jpgSometimes big things come in small packages. And when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the smaller the better, particularly if you have to lug them up and down stairs. The Morphy Richards Mini Vacuum Cleaner may be just the ticket. And this little guy comes with an “Eco-Switch,” which allows you to turn down the power when cleaning more delicate fabrics and upholstery, or if your job just doesn’t require full power. The Eco-Switch can save money by burning through less energy.

Here are some details from the manufacturer:

Dust bag condition indicator: When the dust bag is full the light comes on to indicate it needs changing.

Eco Switch: The power on this vac can be turned down when cleaning more delicate fabrics and upholstery. This in turn reduces running costs and saves energy.

Foot controlled cable re-wind: Simply press down on the button with your foot and the cord automatically rewinds into the machine for quick, convenient storage.

On-board tool storage: All tools are conveniently stored on the product for easy access and use Tube park. When not in use, the hose can be stored on the back of the product for quick access and convenience.

Source: OhGizmo!

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