Maintain the Charge on Any 12 Volt Battery with the Sunforce Solar Trickle Charger

by Rob on January 21, 2010


The ultimate energy efficient product runs on solar power. And the best solar products not only work well, but in some way make our lives easier. And that brings me to the Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger. This solar charger is designed for 12 volt batteries, and is a great way to keep a battery charged that’s not conveniently located to other power sources. The 50022 is designed to fight natural voltage drain that 12-Volt batteries undergo over time.

One great use of the Sunforce is to keep 12 volt batteries in boats and campers charged. Rather than dragging a heavy battery to a power source or stringing long extension chords, this unit can let the sun do all the work. It includes both a lighter socket adapter and alligator clips to give you flexible connection options.

Here are more details onthe Sunforce 50022:

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