Love Golf and the Environment with Eco Friendly Golf Balls and Tees

by Michal on April 23, 2009

New Eco Golf Ball

Eco Golf Balls

This biodegradable golf ball is a great alternative because this type of ball has no negative effects on the environment. If this ball lands in the water it might put a damper on your golf score, but it won’t hurt the environment.

The ball is constructed out of a Water-Soluble polymer non-toxic material similar to those found in agrochemical packaging, laundry bags, and food packaging, which allows the ball to dissolve in the water. The microorganism that is contained in the material causes the solid to turn into carbon dioxide and water. The Eco Golf Ball is also 100% safe for marine life.

golf-tee2Golf Tee XT – 1

The XT-1 will allow you to play a part in creating a cleaner environment as well as reducing the need to cut down precious trees. The design of the XT-1 comes from the aeronautical industry, as a tee is a platform to launch a golf ball. The X shape with its upward funnels decrease the resistance on impact with the golf club and channel the air upwards under the ball assisting with lift to create a clean strike. These golf tees are completely 100% biodegradable and won’t chip mower blades either!

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