Lightning GT–A 700 Horsepower Electric Car!

by Rob on March 27, 2008


Recently, we wrote about the Tesla Roadster, an American built electric car that goes from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds. Now Britain’s The Lightning Car Company (kudos to their marketing firm for coming up with a great name) has thrown its hat into the ring with the Lightning GT. Its 700 HP engine will take it from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. But its the technology behind this beauty that is the real eye-opener.

For starters, it uses the NanoSafe battery by Altaimano, a U.S. company. The battery can be recharged in only 10 minutes, and it won’t lose its charging capacity for 12+ years or 15,000 miles. And the motors, the Hi-Pa Drive from FlightLink, are integrated into the car’s wheels. That means no gearboxes, differential, axle, drive shafts or propshafts. All of the power is generated at the wheel, which is where you want it, which eliminates mechanical complexity and power losses experienced in standard sports cars. As the manufacturer noted, “these lightweight and ultra powerful motors don’t add significant extra unsprung weight and are therefore ideal in that position.”

If you’d like to park one of these emission-free roadsters in your garage, the company is accepting 15,000 pound deposits. Their website doesn’t provide the total cost, but I’m guessing that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. The Lightning GT is not available in the U.S., but they’re working on it. Just imagine watching a sports car go 0 to 60 . . . silently. Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure.




Source: gizmag

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Uncle B June 12, 2008 at 12:04 pm

Funny how the mighty General Motors of the U.S.A. can’t get it together this good! All they can manage is a 1930s based rear wheel drive design, a gas guzzling, polluting, 620hp monster that nobody wants with their latest Corvette (named after a 1930s boat?). Very soon, electric cars will take over, and the American desert regions will provide solar/electric power to existing grids to charge the batteries. We will all be free of the carcinogenic benzine molecule in gasoline and our beautiful womans’ breasts will be cancer free. We hardly understand the price we pay for oil. Cars like this one lead the way to a new truth about petroleum products and the damage they cause humanity.


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