Light Switch Dimmers Conserve Energy

When you use less electricity to operate your lights, you are using less energy. Using less energy translates into saving money. It sounds simple and that’s because it is. When you use a dimmer switch you are able to control the amount of lighting you need at any given time. You might not always need your light bulbs performing at their maximum level. Having the options to dim your the lights will give you more control over the energy you use. Dimmer switches also allow for your bulbs to have a longer life span which can also save you money.

Lutron TT-300NLH-BL DimmerEditor’s Pick: The Lutron TT-300NLH-BL Credenza Lamp Dimmer is a plug in lamp dimmer that allows you to select the level of lighting you desire. It is ideal for table lighting or floor lamps. You choose the level of lighting by sliding the slider up to increase the light or down to decrease it. To make it most convenient, the dimmer has a LED night light that softly glows to allow you to find the slider in the dark. The Credenza lamp dimmer comes in both black and white.

Lutron S600 Dimmer SwitchThe Lutron S-600PEH-WH Skylark Eco-dim 600W Preset Dimmer White allows you to only use as much light as you need and can potentially help you save 15% in energy. It doesn’t matter what type of light bulbs you use, because this dimmer works with both incandescent and halogen bulb. The manufacture reports your bulbs can last up to 3x longer when they are used in conjunction the dimmer. There is a slider switch that allows you to adjust your lighting to fit your needs.

X10 WS467 Remote Control Dimmer SwitchThe X10 WS467 Remote Control Light Dimmer Switch allows you the ease of controlling your lights right from the switch or from a remote control. This is a dimmer switch that is also paired with a remote control to make turning your lights on/off or dimming your lights as convenient as possible. The instillation required involves connecting two wires to your existing light switch unit. Its not that difficult and the product provides instructions on how to properly install the dimmer.

Leviton IPI10-1LZ DimmerThe Leviton IPI10-1LZ IllumaTech 1000-Watt 120-Volt AC Incandescent Dimmer with LED Locator works with any existing light switch and is easy to install. This switch allows you to dim your lighting to the desired setting with its easy sliding bar. The switch provides single pole and multi-location lighting control when used with a 3-way switch. The switch comes in a variety of colors such as White Ivory Light Almond Incl White, Ivory and Light Almond.

Lutron Rotary Dimmer D-603PGHThe Lutron D-603PGH-DK Rotary eco-dim 600-Watt Dimmer guarantees a 15% energy savings over other lighting options. If you replace your standard light switch with an eco-dim you can create the ambiance you want and reduce your electric bill. This switch is designed to be used with an incandescent or halogen bulbs. It also works in both single pole and 3-way applications. In addition to reducing your energy consumption, the bulbs connected to the dimmer will last more than 3x their rated life.

Lutron TG 600PH ToggleThe Lutron TG-600PH-WH Toggler 600W Preset Dimmer is a simple solution to reducing your energy consumption and saving money in your household. Dimming your lights just 50% will save you 40% in electricity and extend the bulb life by 10 times. Toggler dimmers are perfect for any room in your house. Any existing light switch can be changed to a toggler dimmer and the installation is easy.

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