LED Bulbs Save Money By Using Less Energy

LED or light-emitting diode bulbs use less energy and in the long run will save you money. LED is a semiconductor chip that emits light when conducting current. The question is why is there such a big push for people to replace their old light bulbs with these funny looking, more expensive LED bulbs? Well it turns out they are most cost effective which means you can save money and there are actually benefits to using LED lighting.

LED light bulbs have actually been around for years, but it has only been recently that their quality has been improved enough for them to be used as a primary light source. Like with many products we use, not all are created equal which is why it is recommended to choose LED lighting that meets the Energy Star requirements. You know when your buying an Energy Star product it has been tested and meets strict efficiency and performance criteria.

Westinghouse 03466 LED BulbEditor’s Pick: The Westinghouse 03466 Nanolux 3-Watt G19 LED Bulb, White that delivers an evenly distributed light allowing this bulb to be used in a variety of rooms including both indoor and outdoor. The bulb features a patented polymer magnification and dispersion system. The Nanolux LED bulbs are compact, water-resistant and shatterproof. They are the only LED bulbs listed for use in wet locations.

Westinghouse Lighting 03490The Westinghouse Lighting 03490 Nanolux 1-Watt S11 LED Bulb, White bulb is guaranteed a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours. The maintenance cost is kept low because the bulbs don’t need to be replaced often. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They are available in 1 and 3 watt versions and can used to replace 7 to 20 watt incandescent lamps. They use 88% less energy which is equivalent to $19.00 per bulb annually.

GE 73716 LED BulbGE 73716 7-Watt Energy Smart PAR20 LED Light Bulb is a long life low energy decorative accent light. This LED bulb is a 7-Watt light flood bulb that can be used for all purposes. The bulb has a life span of 20,000 hours which is about 13 years. This is based on the average of 4 hours of use per day. The bulb has a Lumen light source of 200 and works great for accent or decorative lighting, cool burning, design, and instant brightness.

Sylvania 78517 LED BulbThe Sylvania 78517 LED Bulb in B10 Shape Emitting Light is an LED lamp in a B10 shape that while emitting light it changes colors in a synchronized sequence when connected in series. This bulb is a 1 watt 120 volt with a Candelabra Screw (E12) Base. It changes between red, green, and blue colors. The average life span of this bulb is 25,000 hours and this bulb can be used indoors and outdoors.

C. Crane VFL Par 20-LED Floodlight BulbThe C. Crane VFL Par 20-LED Floodlight Bulb fits into just about any light fixture. It can be used for most types of lighting like small track lighting, reading lights, and small fan lights. The bulb is only 2 – 1/2 inches in diameter and puts out a true white light. The bulb is flood light style but can be used in a varieity of ways, it can even be used as a dimmer.

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