Learn a lesson with the Power Hog

by Michal on April 16, 2009

power hog, children

Think about how better off we all would be if we had been educated about energy cost and conservation when we were young. Well thanks to the Power Hog there is a fun way for children to learn about energy. This is a device that is aimed at teaching children that energy isn’t free.

The idea is for children to learn about the cost of energy and it is a great way to get them saving money. Children deposit coins into this modern day piggy bank and in return they get 30 minutes of use with their electronic device. Here’s how it works: You plug in any electronic device, like a video game system, or TV right into the snout of this piggy bank. The bank then plugs into a standard wall outlet which enables it to power the electronic device. The Power Hog notifies the user by flashing red when time is about to expire.

Now even though the Power Hog isn’t actually saving on energy while it’s in use, it is teaching our children a very important lesson on energy cost and consumption. In addition, this is a unique way to limit your child’s use of the game system or TV and get them in the habit of saving money.

Source: TreeHugger

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