Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor by New Holland

by Michal on April 13, 2009

New Holland, Tractor

New Holland is a company that aims to simplify people’s life by making farm activity easier and more efficient. Through innovation and affordable products, New Holland’s solution is to create an Energy Independent Farm. With this new approach, farmers will be able to generate their own energy to run their farm and agricultural equipment.

One of New Holland’s latest developments is the NH2 Hydrogen Powered Tractor. The NH2 is a prototype that is still undergoing testing with plans of being available in about three years. This new age tractor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that transforms hydrogen into electricity and this runs its two motors. The tractor has zero emissions 100% of the time, with only a little bit of water, in the form of steam which is produced by the Fuel Cell Systems.

The benefits of this product are as follows: No Noise, No Emissions, No gears, No Power Loss, and Power delivered only as needed. This tractor not only is environmentally friendly, but it also has an extremely unique design compared to your normal everyday tractor. This new approach to farming by New Holland is just the beginning of what the future holds for us and hopefully before long we will see this type of development reach the industrial sector.

Source: EcoFriend

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