Honda’s Hydrogen Fueled Motorcyle of the Future

by Michal on April 28, 2009

Honda's 2015 CB 750

This eco-ride is the future for Honda’s popular CB Series of motorcycles. Designer Igor Chak has designed this 2015 Honda CB 750 equipped with sophisticated technology and an unmatched style. The bike is powered by hydrogen and is a zero emission concept motorcycle.

Nearly all the systems for this bike are computerized and can be controlled by the 5” OLED multi-touch display screen. The display screen allows access to a menu that houses options for the GPS, Drive Modes, and Diagnostic Modes. The screen is mounted on the fuel tank which makes it easily accessible and it adds appeal to the design of the bike.
The CB 750 will be mainly constructed out of light weight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. The bike will be powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine that will emit only a small amount of clean water. For enhanced performance, the engine will be stacked with a six speed dual clutch transmission with electric lurch and traction control. For protection of its riders, the bike is packed with ABS, airbag, steering damper and radar technology used to automatically slow the bike down when a collision is sensed.

This bike is considered to be a futuristic take on the CB Series that was first seen in the 1970’s and gives us an idea of what to expect down the road for the motorcycle industry.

Source: EcoFriend

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