Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp – Air Purifier

by Michal on April 27, 2009

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

This Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp does more than just catch your eye, it’s good for you. Salt crystals cleanse the air due to the healthy negative ions they generate. This helps purify the air of allergens, dust, smoke and bacteria. When these salt crystals are lit by a small energy efficient light bulb of 15 watts or less, the crystal salt emits an electrical charge thus enriching our environment. The company Solay has found an interesting way to incorporate these salt crystals into the design of their lamp.

The Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is available in an array of sizes starting at a 7 inch lamp up to a 17 inch model. All lamps include a Zen Hardwood Base, Free UL Tested Dimmer Cord (while they last), 15 watt bulb, and Individual Box and care instructions. The prices range from $30 on up to $140. In addition, when you purchase this product or any product from Solay you will be supporting Fair Trade, which means the product was produced and traded under fair conditions.

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