Green You Home Theater with Energy Star Approved Systems

Energy Star rated home electronics products, such as those for your home theater, help you save energy and money, while protecting the environment. Energy Star products still allow you to get all of the features and content you desire but they use less energy. This is important because using less energy preserves energy resources and helps reduce the risks of global warming. For you, using these products will save you money on your energy bill.

Products that have earned the Energy Star means the products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Some don’t realize it, but when non Energy Star devices are in the off position, they are still using energy. However, devices like Energy Star qualified DVD products use as little as one quarter of the energy used by standard models.

Samsung HW-C700 AV ReceiverEditor’s Pick: The Samsung HW-C700 AV Receiver offers 7.2 Channel Surround Sound, Supports HDMI 1.4, Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Digital TrueHD/DTS -HD, and is compatible with iPod. This system will give you the theater experience right in your own home. The HW-C700 can pass through 3D video from new 3D Blu-ray players to 3D TVs. The Auto Sound Calibration allows for optimal sound by automatically configuring the speakers and sub-woofer.

Samsung HW-C450 SoundbarThe Samsung HW-C450 Soundbar is a 2.1 Channel that comes in black or brushed aluminum. The system offers a wireless active sub-woofer and virtual surround sound. The HT-450 can be even mounted on the wall and with the sub-woofer being wireless you can place it anywhere in the room you desire. If you are a fan a simple design then this device is ideal for you. The 2.1 channel audio system consists of two front speakers and a sub-woofer.

Samsun HT-BD1250 blu-ray TheaterThe Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu-ray Home Theater System offers the latest in home theater options. Anything is possible with this system, it even converts regular DVD’s to Blue Ray. The system provides the personalized entertainment options of streaming Netflix and the music of Pandora. You can access your favorites from you ipod or iphone by using the iPod dock with video, audio and iPhone support.

Yamaha RX-V467BL 5.1 Channel ReceiverThe Yamaha RX-V467BL 5.1 Channel 525 Watt AV Receiver provides the latest in HDMI functionality, including 3D-ready support (with upgrade) and Audio Return Channel, plus advanced HD Audio decoding with CINEMA DSP, YPAO, and SCENE technologies. One of the channels in an HDMI connection is dedicated to a set of advanced control functions, collectively known as CEC.

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