Go Green for Mother’s Day with these 10 Gift Ideas

by Michal on May 4, 2009

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Honor mom this year with something she will love for Mother’s Day, and be gentle on the environment at the same time. Rather than the same, tired old gift of flowers and a card, both of which put a big burden on our environment, get the mom in your life something a little different this year. Here is a list of ten practical gift ideas that are all eco-friendly. Any of these gifts will be sure to make mom and Mother Earth happy.

kitchen-candle-actual2Soy Based Candle
Bambu is a company that cares about the environment and is committed to using renewable products. This soy based candle is made from American grown soy beans and contain no non-toxic materials. The wicks are made from lead free cotton, the candle produces no soot, and it is completely biodegradable.

saltlamp-five24Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
This Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp does more than just catch your eye, it’s good for you. Salt crystals cleanse the air due to the healthy negative ions they generate. This helps purify the air of allergens, dust, smoke and bacteria. When these salt crystals are lit by a small energy efficient light bulb of 15 watts or less, the crystal salt emits an electrical charge thus enriching our environment.

earth-driveUSB Earth Drive
The Earth Drive is the world’s first recyclable USB drive. The Earth Drive is built with biodegradable materials which allow the USB drive to be completely recyclable. The outer casing of the drive is biodegradable polyester made from renewable resources like corn. The Earth Drive is the perfect green storage media for mom to save all her family pictures.

lightpot2The Lightpot
The Lightpot works with an overhead LED light that offers just the right amount of lighting for your plants and herbs to grow. With the lighting system built in, the planter can be placed anywhere in your home regardless of the rooms lighting conditions. The overhead light illuminates the greenery, which is a great way to brighten any room.

The Natural Fitness Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
This yoga mat is made from biodegradable, natural rubber which makes this an item to consider for mom on Mother’s Day. Unlike most yoga mats, this one is free of lead, cadmium, palates and PVC which make it safe for our environment. It is available several colors such as: ocean/night, earth/red rock, moss/ lavender – all which are reversible. The mat measures 24-Inch x 69-Inch x 0.19-Inches and retails for about $50 through Amazon.

e-magE Magazine Subscription
The Environmental Magazine, also known as E, is published bimonthly and offers a variety of information on news and resources focused on the environment. This magazine offers information from recycling to rainforests, and from the global village to our backyards. E is published by a non-profit organization and works to promote environmental awareness. A one year subscription is $24.95 (6 issues) and a two year subscription is $49.90 (12 issues).

eco-gift-setHandmade Eco-Friendly Gift Set
Surround mom with these eco-friendly items made from nature with this gift set that was crafted in Bali. The set includes handcrafted wooden boxes, a handmade writing journal, and a natural picture frame woven from natural palm. Each piece is a handmade original, harvested from the sustainable Bali forests. The frame holds one 4X6 photo that can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The set is available through Amazon for $72.

shopping-bagsReusable Shopping Bags
These Reusable Shopping Bags by Envirosax Mikado are printed with a beautiful floral Asian design. The eco-friendly reusable bags are lightweight, portable and waterproof. They are sold in packs of five and each has a 44lb. weight capacity and are equivelant to two plastic shopping bags. The bags are hand washable and cost about $40 for the set of five.

green-phoneA “Green” Phone by Motorola
Recently, Motorola launched a new cellphone made from recycled plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are of course made from petroleum, so Motorla is putting to good use something we should be using less of anyway. This is the first certified Carbonfree® cellphone on the market. The phone offers up to 9 hours of talk time, music player, and up to 2GB of memory. This trendy phone is not only green in color!

modulas1Eco-Friendly Laptop
The Modulus is a thin eco-notebook that was designed to consume less energy. With the special hinge design it allows for better air flow under the laptop keeping the internal components cool which leads to less energy consumption. This light weight notebook is ideal for taking to the office, library or school.

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