GE Energy Smart 60 CFL Light Bulbs

by Rob on February 19, 2009


GE Energy Smart 60 is one of the best energy saving light bulbs available. GE’s Energy Smart line of products are compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and designed to replace standard incandescent bulbs. The two big benefits of CFLs are significant energy savings and longer lasting bulbs.

The Energy Smart 60 uses 13 watts of energy and produces 60 watt light output. It is rated to last 8 times longer than a standard incandescent. And over the lifespan of the bulb, it can save up to $45.00 in electricity. In addition, a CFL does not burn as hot as an incandescent bulb, which can save cooling costs in the summer.

If you ever wondered why CFLs are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs, it’s because of the different way in which they produce light. Incandescent bulbs create light by heating a filament inside the bulb; the heat makes the filament white-hot, producing the light that you see. A lot of the energy used to create the heat that lights an incandescent bulb is wasted. A CFL, in contrast, contains a gas that produces invisible ultraviolet light (UV) when the gas is excited by electricity. The UV light hits the white coating inside the fluorescent bulb and the coating changes it into light you can see. Because fluorescent bulbs don’t use heat to create light, they are far more energy-efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.

And according to GE, the savings can be significant:

Example of Cost Savings 13-Watt Spiral Bulb 60-Watt Incandescent
Initial Purchase Price
(per bulb)
$3.77 $0.27
Replacement Costs
(estimated 7 bulbs)
$0.00 $1.89
Energy Costs
(based on $0.10/kWh, 8,000-hour bulb)
$12.00 $48.00
Total Cost $15.77 $50.16
Estimated Savings $34.39

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Catherine DiFalco July 22, 2009 at 3:49 pm

I purchased a Warm Soft Light, Soft White 2700K light bulb to replace one of 2 60wattbulbs in my ceiling light for my kitchem. The light itself holds 2 60watt light bulbs.. I have two of these fixtures in my kitchen. One at each end. I replaced only l bulb, GE Spiral Bulb, being a general purpose 74437 energy smart bulb, in one of the fixtures..I spent the extra money, since I am 80 years young and cannot climb the ladder to change bulbs and have to call for help everytime the bulbs burn out. I’ve noticed that it takesa little bit of time for the bulb to fully illuminate. Is this dangerous. The other socket in the same fixture I have just an ordinary 60 Watt light bulb. I am hoping to replace the other three bulbs as finances allow. Please let me know if this okay to use the way it is at present. Thank you. Mrs. “D”


Rob August 8, 2009 at 7:49 am

Mrs. “D”, I can tell you that CFL bulbs do take a few seconds to fully illuminate. The reason is that CFLs work by applying electricity to gas inside the tube, and it can take a few seconds for the gas to get hot enough to fully illuminate. Years ago it took even longer, although CFL bulbs today light up much faster. Hope this helps!


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