Folding Bike for Fold ‘n Go on Mass Transit [Strida 5]

by Rob on March 26, 2008


I live about two miles from the subway. Every work day I drive the two miles, pay $4 to park, and take the subway to work. I’ve often thought about biking the 2 miles, although the routes to the subway are a bit treacherous where I live. But the Strida 5 may just convince me to give it a go. With this folding bike, I can bike to the subway, fold up the bike, and take it with me. This would be particularly useful for those that have a short commute at both ends of their commute.

At 19.4 pounds with a top speed of about 10 mph, this single speed bike is not meant for long distances. It was specifically designed with the commuter in mind. You can fold it up in about 15 seconds and take it with you on the bus or subway.

Available from Areaware for $799.

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