The FlexScan EV2303W Energy Efficeint Monitor

by Michal on May 4, 2009

EZIO FlexScan EV2303W Monitor

The FlexScan EV2303W created by EIZO is a wide screen EcoView monitor with a built in motion sensor that automatically conserves power when you are away from your desk. The new EcoView Sense feature ensures that the monitor conserves power when it is not in use. The motion sensor automatically switches to power saving mode when the user steps away and there is no use detected for 40 seconds. The monitor has the ability to distinguish between still objects like a chair and normal movement. Once the user returns normal operation of the monitor will resume. ev2303w-sensor

The monitor has a slim sleek design style that reduces the number of internal components needed to run the equipment. The FlexScan EV2303W is 48% thinner and 41% lighter of its previous 24 inch model. The size of the monitor allows it to be shipped in smaller packaging that is 100% recycled material. To encourage environmental awareness while working, there is an on screen index which indicates the level of power savings related to the monitors brightness. When the EcoView index is fully illuminated, the monitor is running at the maximum energy efficiency level. Using energy efficient products like this monitor is one way to start lowing your energy bill.

The FlexScan is one of the first monitors to be TCO Displays 5.0 certified. This certification is similar to the Energy Star 4.0 rating which sets energy efficient criteria that has to be met in order for the product to receive the label. This monitor has also received the Green Electronics Council and US EPA consumer electronics environmental assessment programs highest rating which is EPEAT Gold.

Source: MyDigitalLife

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