Eco Laundry Balls

Eco Laundry Balls, an alternative to detergent

by Rob on February 23, 2009

Eco Laundry Balls replace traditional laundry detergent in your washing machine. You place the Eco Laundry Balls in your washing machine instead of detergent. Ecoballs clean clothes using mineral salts that produce ionized oxygen that lifts dirt and grime without fading colors or damaging delicate fabrics. The cost per load is significantly less, you do not have to lug heavy detergent home from the store, and nasty chemicals aren’t produced

Eco balls are 100% hypoallergenic, residue-free and anti-bacterial. As such, they are a more natural alternative to conventional washing detergent and are ideal for sensitive skins. According to one source, if everyone switched to Eco balls, 700,000 fewer tons of detergent would end up in our water system every year.

I’ve yet to try Ecoballs, but if you give them a shot, let us know how they work out for you.

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