EarthDrive–A Recyclable USB Drive that Mother Earth Can Eat

by Rob on April 22, 2008


Designing a USB drive with recycled material is child’s play. Earthdrive’s unique housing is not only designed with recycled material, but is itself designed to be recyclable. On top of that, a portion of all EarthDrive product sales will go towards the planting of trees.

In addition to being one of the most durable USB drives in the world, the EarthDrive is also one of the most versatile. Built with ATP’s SIP technology, all vital flash components are completely encapsulated allowing for shock proof, waterproof, and dust proof durability, according to EarthDrive. And you can also password protect your data.

Here are the specs:

Capacities: 1GB to 8GB
Connectivity: High Speed USB1.1 / 2.0 compliant
Indicator: LED Light Indicator
Preloaded Software: Drive Partitioning, Password Protection
Data Retention: 10 years
Length: 35.7mm +/- 0.20mm
Width: 23.3mm +/- 0.10mm
Thickness: 10.31mm +/- 0.20mm

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