Convert Any Toilet Into A Dual-Flush Water Saving Machine

by Rob on January 14, 2010


A dual flush toilet conserves water (and money) by offering a low-water flush for liquids. While these low flow toilets are great, they can be expensive, particularly if you already have a perfectly fine toilet in your bathroom. With the MJSI HYR270 HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter, however, you can easily convert a standard toilet into a money and water saving dual flush toilet.

From the Manufacturer

Winner of multiple awards for product innovation, the hydroright dual flush converter quickly and easily turns your toilet into a water-saving two-button toilet. The quick flush setting for liquids and paper reduces the amount of water used by up to 70% for liquids and paper, saving a family of four an estimated 15,000-Gallon of water and approximately 105 per year. Unlike other dual flush converters, the hydroright can be installed in less than ten minutes, without tools and without having to remove the tank. Because dual flush converters do not fit in every toilet, here are the exceptions you should know about before you buy: if you have a mansfield toilet, you will also have to purchase a standard flush valve. Your toilet tank must have at least 10-Inch height clearance(distance from where the flapper currently seats to lid bottom must be 10-Inch or more) for the hydroright to fit and work. The hydroright replaces only standard size flappers, the flush opening from tank to bowl should be 2-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch in diameter(this is the hole the flapper covers: some newer toilets have 3-Inch flush opening, hydroright does not work in 3-Inch flush or larger toilets). If the hydroright is installed in a toilet with an old ballcock, the arm of the ballcock may hit the hydroright and not work properly. In some cases, the hydroright can be turned to compensate. In other cases, purchasing a hydroclean or other pilot style fill valve may be required. MJSI, Inc., headquartered in Shorewood, IL is the manufacturer of the hydroworks portfolio of products that are devoted to water conservation, earth preservation and sound environmental plumbing. Recognized as toilet efficiency experts, MJSI’s innovation has expanded the plumbing market from repairs to green toilet improvement.

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The HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter is also available on eBay:

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