Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern Review

by Rob on April 15, 2009


Ever since W.C. Coleman began selling his brand new gas powered lanterns back in the year 1900, the Coleman name has been synonymous with quality outdoor recreational equipment. Now, more than a century later, the company continues to create a line of innovative and durable products including an array of coolers, tents, the ever popular camping stove, and now, their absolute brightest family-sized lantern, the Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern.

Coleman Retro Battery Powered Lantern Features and Highlights

Run by a recyclable, rechargeable battery, the Coleman rechargeable lantern offers a number of notable benefits for both the casual camper and avid outdoorsman alike. In terms of convenience alone, this retro styled battery powered lantern provides users with up to nine hours of light from one full charge. And, recharging is as simple as plugging into either a 120-volt AC outlet or your vehicle’s 12-volt DC port with the included adapter, which easily stores in the base when not in use.

With the Coleman rechargeable lantern you also won’t have to worry about being left out in the dark should a power outage occur. The lantern features a separate emergency-on circuit that will automatically activate if the lantern is plugged in while the power goes out.

Today more and more of us are looking for eco-friendly products to lessen our impact on the world around us and this particular Coleman rechargeable lantern is the ideal “green” camping accessory. Because it doesn’t burn any type of fuel and never needs new batteries, the lantern is totally environmentally friendly and there’s nothing worse than being out in the wilderness and realizing you need new batteries or another can of propane.

This particular Coleman battery powered lantern also features a reflector that helps to project its white light upward and outward, allowing it to be far more efficient by illuminating the most space possible. The lantern will operate for nine hours when used on the low setting and for six hours when on high.

In addition to these highlights, the Coleman rechargeable lantern provides functionality as well as it projects quite a bit of light with its eleven watt, fluorescent, spiral shaped U-tube light bulb. And, because the bulb is fluorescent, it and the lantern itself remain cool to the touch regardless of how long it’s been on making it safer to have around the little ones and less likely to be a fire hazard.

Then, when it’s time to change the Coleman rechargeable lantern bulb, the unit’s quick release lever makes it simple. And there’s even a replacement included with your purchase so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to buy another bulb before your next camping trip or outdoor adventure.

This battery powered lantern by Coleman also features a built-in nightlight. Although it does weigh well over seven pounds, making it a bit on the heavy side in terms of portability for backpacking or hiking, the extra weight allows it to sit sturdily on a variety of surfaces and helps to keep it from being blown over easily.

Coleman Rechargeable Lantern Product Specifications

  • Adapter: 12 volt
  • Battery: Recyclable, rechargeable
  • Bulb Replacement: Yes
  • Dimensions: 6.75 x 14 x 8 (W x H x D)
  • Model #: 2000000098
  • Operating Time: Up to nine hours from a single charge
  • Warranty: Limited five year
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs. (shipping weight)
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