Bye Bye Standby BBSBUSA Energy Saving Kit

by Rob on November 23, 2009


This kit is a great way to cut energy consumption and to save money each month on your electric bill. These devices will automatically cut power to any device when it is not in use. Computers, TVs, printers, Xbox 360s, and other electronic devices use electricit even when in standby mode, so the meter on your electric bill is almost always running. Recent studies show that in the average household, leakage from standby power accounts for 15 percent of energy consumption. By plugging your gear into a Bye Bye Standby socket, you have the ability to completely shut off power to these devices, thereby eliminating wasted electricity and wasted money.

There’s even a remote control with a coding system that allows you to control multiple Bye Bye Standby modules. This kit includes two wall adapter sockets and a remote control.

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