Biking To Work Is Not Only Good For Your Health, but Your Wallet

by Michal on November 18, 2009

bikeWhile some green gadgets are cutting edge, some are just as simple as a bike. We all know the health benefits to being more active, but there are other benefits such as cost benefits and environmental benefits. This article provides you with the basic cost benefits and evironmental benefits to riding your bike to work. You will also fine five popular folding bike models that are ideal for your commute.

Cost Benefits
Think of the money you spend each month on gas, public transportation, and car maintenance just getting to work each day. AAA estimates that the average car cost is 52 cents per mile. Riding your bike to work instead of driving will immediately reduce this cost. Cyclists don’t need to pay to park in a garage or lot, or feed costly parking meters. Commuting by bicycle or just riding a bike is affordable. Per mile traveled, bicycle riding costs the frequent cyclist less than half as much as mass transit and only one-quarter as much as driving — even assuming cyclists must replace their bicycles every three years due to bicycle theft and bad pavement.

Environmental Benefits
Act globally, start locally, is a phrase that is becoming more and more popular as there is an increase in environmental. Just short of recycling many of us are not sure exactly what we can do to be part of this movement to save the planet. If you ride your bike to work, you will be helping to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in the environment. This is important because CO2 is directly linked to global warming and climate change. It is estimated that we have to cut our emissions by 60% over the next 30 years to save us from the worst consequences of climate change ever. Biking to work is not going to solve the crisis we face, but it sure is a start.

Popular Bikes for Commuting

  • Dahon Eco 3 2009 Folding Bike
  • Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser Folding Bike
  • Kent Compact 16 Aluminum Folding Bike

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike

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