Belkin Conserve Surge Protector Eliminates the Drain of Standby Power. . .Wirelessly

by Rob on April 14, 2008


Studies have shown that standby power consumed by most electronics can account for up to 10% of your energy bill. Perhaps with the notable exception of your TiVo, most of these devices can be safely shut down completely to save energy and money. Now you can completely turn off your electronics with the push of a button. The new Belkin Conserve is an 8-outlet surge protector that makes it simple to eliminate wasteful standby power to your electronic devices, helping you reduce energy consumption, save money, and lower your overall impact on the environment.

Conserve comes with a wireless remote control that enables you to completely shut off the power to devices that consume standby power with the push of a button. The Belkin Conserve also comes with two “always-on” outlets so devices that typically need to stay on, such as set-top boxes or modems, won’t shut down. But you’ll have to wait a few months for this one as it should be available in the Summer 2008 in North America and the UK. It will retail for $49.99.

Belkin Conserve Surge Protector Specifications

* Offers 8 surge-protected outlets: 6 “switchable” and 2 “always-on” outlets, allowing users to control energy use easily
* Slim, sleek design blends seamlessly in with today’s modern electronics and appliances
* Control multiple Conserves with a single remote control from virtually anywhere in the house with user-selectable channels
* “Switchable” and “always-on” outlets ideal for home theater or small office/home office
* Comes with a $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

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