Backpacker’s Diary–A GPS System and Tablet PC Powered by the Sun

by Rob on March 31, 2008


There are two things I should tell you upfront about the Backpacker’s Diary: (1) it is really, really cool, and (2) it’s just a concept. Sorry, this puppy isn’t available yet. But brining you the latest in energy saving gadgets sometimes means giving you a glimpse of tomorrow. And here’s what tomorrow may look like for hikers.

The Backpacker’s diary is a PC that can be used like a laptop or read like a book. With internet access, hikers can check weather conditions and find area hotels and restaurants. The GPS Navigation System allows you to check your route on the way to the trail. The Backpacker’s Diary would also come with a “bookmark,” a handheld recording device that would allow you to document your trip, and then transfer your voice recording to the PC.

The Backpacker’s Diary is powered by the sun with folding solar panels. The panels allow you to charge the device while you’re hiking. The Backpacker’s Diary is 10″x12″x2″.

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