Aube by Honeywell TI071/U Solar Programmable Timer Switch

by Rob on January 6, 2010


Not long ago we reviewed the Aube by Honeywell TI070-3W/U ECONO Programmable Timer Switch. This timer switch is integrated into the wall switch and let’s you program the light up to seven days. It can turn on and off automatically based on daylight, and it even has a random setting that is perfect when you are away from the house for an extended period of time. Yesterday, a reader purchased what is called the solar version of this switch–the Honeywell TI071/U Solar Programmable Timer Switch.

This switch is not powered by the sun, of course. It works and is installed just like a normal switch. The key difference is that for each day of the week, you can choose sunset and sunrise programming or your own on and off time or one of each (e.g. sunrise and midnight). And the switch is compatible with just about any type of lighting, including electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lights and tungsten lighting up to 12-Ampere. The switch can even be used with motors.

Here are more details on the Aube by Honewell T1071/U Solar Programmable Timer Switch:

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You can also find the T1071 on ebay:

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