Arcadia Yachts Applies A New Ethical Meaning To Yacht Building

by Michal on March 30, 2009

Arcadia Yachts

Arcadia Yachts is a new company that builds luxury yachts with an innovative style and an eco twist. The eco twist is the concept behind these super yachts which is being able to navigate and enjoy with respect for nature and money.

Arcadia Yachts starts the process off with the consumer in mind. The Arcadia Assembling System is used to construct their yachts, which lowers the purchasing cost for the consumer. This system is similar to the assembly line that is used in the automotive industry. In addition to the low purchasing cost, Arcadia is making their yachts as environmentally friendly as possible.

Arcadia has designed the hulls of their yachts in such a way that allows for a low powered engine, they use solar panels for recharging the batteries, and they use a hybrid propulsion system for powering the yachts. This hybrid system can provide speeds up to 8 knots in total silence. Finally, these yachts are being built with a water discharge treatment system in order to not pollute our waters.

The yachts will carry double layered reflecting glass for an open and a sunlit interior with designs by well known Italian design houses such as B&B Italia and Schiniffi. In April of this year the first 85’ will be launched and following that will be the first two-decked 115’ and then in September of 2010 a 135’. Arcadia Yachts brings a simple yet elegant style and a new ethical meaning to the art of yacht building.

Source: EcoFriend

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