An Indoor Planter with Style

by Michal on April 29, 2009

The Lightpot

For those of us that love the idea of the Aero Garden, but want something with a little more style, the Lightpot would be a great alternative. Designers of Studio Shulab have found a unique way to grow plants and herbs indoors in a stylish fashion.

The Lightpot works with an overhead LED light that offers just the right amount of lighting for your plants and herbs to grow. With the lighting system built in, the planter can be placed anywhere in your home regardless of the rooms lighting conditions. The overhead light illuminates the greenery, which is a great way to brighten any room.

When you first get the Lightpot it only has seeds and the pot is closed. The top portion of the pot has a telescope arm that allows for the Lightpot to grow with the plant. The Lightpot recently premiered at the IMM Cologne 2009 and will be available in different colors.

Source: Re-Nest

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