An All-in-one Surge Protector and Watt Monitor

by Rob on April 7, 2009

P3 kill a watt power strip combo

Everybody knows the importance of a surge protector to protect valuable electronics such as computers, televisions, and entertainment systems. Now the makers of the Kill-A-Watt power monitors have taken surge protectors to a new level. The P3 International P4320 Kill-A-Watt Power Strip is an all-in-one surge protector and watt monitor. This power strip measures slightly larger than your average power strip, but then again, it is anything but average. Now you can protect your electronics from power surges and measure their electricity consumption at the same time.

At 12.8 x 3 x 2.5 inches, the Kill-A-Watt Power Strip weighs in at only 1.7 pounds. The Kill-A-Watt Power Strip comes with a soft power-up; a light up power switch that has a backlit LCD display, and a six-foot long cord that has a low profile plug. The digital display on the surge protector shows the maximum and minimum amount of volts, watts, PF, amps, and leakage current going through.

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